Jam packed: April – May 2012

Posted on 30th May 2012 | in Community

This is a jam packed edition – so full in fact, that some of the articles in the paper are shorter versions of those published on our website.

We know that the creative spirit lives and thrives in Amble. Read about the creation of the Flowmill, and Julie our mosaic artist. Nigel King has combined creativity with technology, while Judi Gray has used technology to publish her own book.

Young people feature largely in this issue. Read about rugby star-in-the-making Danny, and Kurt the football coach. We now have a young Rotarians group, and you can find Kelsie the chef here. India Drew and her classmates visited the firestation, while the young Artograffi team practised their journalism skills when they visited a recent Slimming World meeting.

Hopefully as you read this, Amble is still accessible by road (see here) which will be useful if we are to submit our bid to become one of Mary Portas’ Pilot towns (see here), nevermind seeing the Olympic flame safely through the Friendliest Port. And because it’s Easter, we even have a competition for you to win a book.

On a sad note, we fondly remember Ross Eldridge, former contributor to The Ambler, who died of cancer recently.
Things to look out for: Work beginning on the Harbour wall as the Harbour Commissioners have now obtained the licence they needed.

Vera Baird MP who used to live in Amble may be selected as the Labour party’s candidate for the new position of elected Police Commissioner for Northumberland.

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One thought on "Jam packed: April – May 2012"

  1. Gary Presley says:

    Ross Eldridge, mentioned here, was a great good (albeit “virtual”) friend to many he met through a writing critique group, The Internet Writing Workshop.

    About Ross, there are too many good things to list, things that shown through in his writing and in his personal communications. For those who knew and cherished him there, be assured there are people in far away places who share their grief.

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