Northumberland County Council

  • Reports from our County Councillors #129

    30th July 2021

    COUNCILLOR TERRY CLARK I hope that you are well and keeping safe. If I were to…

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  • Amble election winners 2021

    7th May 2021

    There’s no change for Amble in either the town or council elections, as Jeff Watson and…

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  • Who will get your vote? Amble’s 2021 County Council candidates

    30th April 2021

    Northumberland County Council elections take place on 6 May. We are asked to vote for two…

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  • Prospect of a camper van parking facility for Amble

    9th February 2021

    Local County Councillor Jeff Watson asked Northumberland County Council to see if they could find a…

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  • Reports from our County Councillors #126

    4th February 2021

    COUNCILLOR TERRY CLARK 2020 has been a tough year all round, Coronavirus and the Government’s cynical…

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  • Car park saga reaches happy conclusion for town

    7th January 2021

    After months of negotiations and an eleventh hour collapse in the sale back in October, Amble…

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  • Reports from our County Councillors #125

    8th December 2020

    COUNCILLOR JEFF WATSON The Covid crisis has dominated everything that the County Council has been doing…

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  • Why does Amble not have a sports centre?

    26th October 2020

    The government are asking us to keep healthy and take exercise. For some people, joining the…

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  • Reports from our County Councillors: #124

    15th October 2020

    COUNCILLOR TERRY CLARK Anti social behaviour – Once again a minority is displaying disruptive behaviour on…

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  • Drama as car park sale halted

    14th October 2020

    In a dramatic last minute change, the future of Amble’s new car park in Turner Street…

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