Hauxley PC; Agendas & Minutes

Posted on 04th November 2015 | in Hauxley Parish Council

The next Hauxley Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 12 March 2018 at 6.30pm in the Village Hall, Low Hauxley.

Agenda 13th November 2017

Here you will find approved minutes of the Parish Council meetings dating back to two years.  For minutes dating prior to those shown please contact the Parish Clerk.

Minutes 8 January 2018 1

Agenda 11th September 2017       Minutes 11 September 2017

Agenda 10th July 2017               Minutes 10 July 2017

Agenda 8th May 2017             Minutes 8 May 2017

Minutes 9 January 2017      

Minutes 14 November 2016               

Minutes 12 September 2016



Minutes 11th January 2016

minutes-91115  Draft Budget 2016/17

Minutes 21st September 2015

Minutes 13th July 2015

Minutes 11th May 2015

Minutes 9th March 2015

Minutes 2nd February 2015

Minutes 12 January 2015

Minutes 10th November 2014

Minutes 8th September 2014

Minutes 28th July 2014

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One thought on "Hauxley PC; Agendas & Minutes"

  1. Barbara Hay says:

    Hi, just wondering where the agenda is for tonights meeting. Maybe they haven’t been sent to you?

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